Why Loading Docks?

Although I am known as an accomplished street poet and occasional documentary host, I possess a diverse tapestry of interests and proclivities, like any human. For instance, I have long been captivated by loading docks. They serve as the threshold between supplier and consumer. Most, if not all, of the products we consume and surround ourselves with pass through a loading dock at some stage in their existence. Very likely, they pass through a whole series of different loading docks! Clearly, these portals are invaluable to the lifestyle of the industrialized world. And yet they go largely unnoticed by most, save those who design, install, operate and inspect them as well as the sporadic skater. Through this blog, it is my sincerest hope to increase awareness, appreciation and celebration of these unsung stalwarts, these valves that keep the blood vessels of commerce well-circulated. Who knows? We may even learn a thing or two about our own lives via contemplation of a loading dock's utilitarian elegance and humility. --Chris Peebles

The Loading Area's original title and livery (August 2012 to March 2013)

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