Sunday, March 3, 2013

University Docks

Boise State University is arguably Idaho's premier sports entertainment complex and events center, as well as an unrivaled brand merchandise retailer. They say you can take classes there too. On top of all this, BSU features a cadre of not-half-bad loading docks scattered throughout the campus:

 Science Building

Morrison Center for the Performing Arts

Facilities Operations and Maintenance  

Note: In my exploration and contemplation of loading docks at Boise State University, my thoughts naturally turned to a topic near and dear to the institution: marketing. While this is a concept I roundly reject as a cynical and deceitful attempt to reduce great and multifaceted enterprises into mere commodities, I accept that a strong and recognizable brand can garner both notice and interest. That said, I have come to accept that loading docks deserve more than a plain, minimalistic blog template. My initial thoughts on the matter were that by stripping away distracting ornamentation and frills, my blog would focus on loading docks as entirely as possible. I know now, however, that a sleeker look and catchier title will draw more traffic and give my beloved docks the attention they deserve. I find this a cause worth compromising my anti-marketing values for. Thus, this blog shall henceforth carry the title The Loading Area and feature a design and color palette easier on the eyes. I have taken the liberty to "retcon" any posts that refer to this blog by its erstwhile handle of Loading Docks. 

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