Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bench Docks

Earlier this year, while padding along a pristine sidewalk in a Central Bench industrial zone, a profound realization struck me. It's relevance and application eluded me, however. But now, after seven months of percolation, rumination and even some fermentation, a tangible product has bubbled to the surface. Upon cursory glance, it's your garden variety experimental mixed-media dock poem. But I look at it as an unclassifiable article with a consciousness unto itself. I served, perhaps, as a mere conduit to give it perceivable form in our limited plane of understanding. Regard:

"Emerald Corridor -- Feb. 18, 2013"

A trek to "work"
A trek back "home"
And along the way
an exploration of
seams to reveal
liminal fixtures...

...fixations remain 
livery arranged...

...context cropped
from hodgepodge, opportunities
in whimsical voids...  

...narrow verdant portals
welcome narrow
verdant cadavers...

...a flashing-clothed spur
eyes an un-
trodden inverse environ...



...pending ascension tempered,
airing warily outside... scrape along
on toes... 

...of unacknowledged 

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